Battery Jump Starter & Portable Charger

battery jump starter
Minimax™ is a small but powerful, portable charger that can jump start your car. This tiny little device can actually instantly jumpstart cars, trucks, boats and more! The secret is the advanced new technology of the lithium cobalt battery that enables this tiny charger to jumpstart dead car batteries altough it may not work on some diesel engines. 

A single charge can last for over a full year and it’s reusable – so you can charge it over and over again. This jump starter even works in extreme temperatures. Stop using dangerous jumper cables! The Minimax is safe for drivers of all ages.

This portable charger comes in very handy for those cold days when you might need an extra boost, just take it out of its case or even your pocket and put in on your battery using the included booster cables to give it some juice (see below). If you are a mechanic or just like to be hands on with your wheels you're going to like this. Check the image to the right below to see what's included when you order.

jump starter
In addition to being able to jump start your car, this little thing is perfect to charge all your devices. You can easily use it on phones, tablets and any other portable device using any of the connectors included. You can see here how you can charge 3 devices at one on a single charge. (It charges pretty quickly too). Oh, and it also pulls one last little trick, you can use it as a flashlight or an emergency light as it includes a high-powered LED.
portable battery charger